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Challenges Addressed
by Arktus

In developed countries, about one in five people suffer from knee pain and associated mobility disorders, and the number is increasing annually. The primary treatment for knee pain, including osteoarthritis, is knee arthroplasty. In Japan, the number of cases has risen to 100,000, a tenfold increase over the past decade, and this trend is expected to continue.

However, these treatments often impose significant limitations on post-surgery sports and physical activities and are mainly suitable for the elderly, making them insufficient for active older adults, younger people, or professional athletes.

As a solution to this issue, we have developed the world's first treatment method by integrating the pioneering iPS cell technology from Kyoto University with Saga University's Bio-3D printing technology. We've achieved the regeneration of joint cartilage that maintains complex curved surfaces, enabling the restoration of the knee joint's natural shape and function.

This technique treats knee joint pain and dysfunctions, particularly those with complex surfaces that were challenging to address with traditional methods, using the patient's own cells, thus enabling a more natural recovery of motor functions."

Challenges Addressed by Arktus