Our Mission
With our iPS cell-based cartilage implants,
we're boosting how long people and athletes stay healthy.
It's all about creating a healthier, happier society.

Our Vision

健康的なシニア 健康的なシニア

Entering a new era of knee cartilage regeneration,
tailored treatments for each individual are now possible.

Addressing the common issue of knee pain, our regenerative medicine technology, developed by integrating 'Kyoto University's iPS cell technology' with 'Saga University's Bio-3D printing technology,' transcends the limitations of previous treatments. It enables natural movement, customized for each patient.

Our goal is not only to free people from knee pain but also to extend active, healthy lifespans in the era of centenarians, and to create a society where athletes' dreams aren't cut short due to cartilage, meniscus, or ligament injuries.

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Our Team

Our Team
  • President and CEO

    Tomohiro Oiwa


  • External Director

    Koichi Nakayama

    Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Saga University Inventor of 'Kenzan Method'

  • External Director

    Makoto Ikeya

    Associate Professor, Kyoto University iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA)

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